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Give your friends, family & coworkers the gift of fresh fruit & veggies this holiday season!
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Extra Veg

Would you like to upsize your box with some extra vegetables?

Extra Fruit

Would you like to to upsize your box with some extra fruit?
Dozen eggs

Free Range Eggs

High quality, fresh, free range eggs. Locally laid by well cared for hens.
Sourdough GlutenFree Bread DairyFree


Try a ciabatta or sourdough from Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse or a soft gluten free loaf from Thoroughbread! Local & baked fresh every day!
Chicken Thigh


Saville’s free range lamb, beef & chicken is raised locally in the Horowhenua Region by Heights Farm & Turk's Poultry, while our pork comes straight from Freedom Farms. Delivered chilled & vacuum packed in plastic, (sorry it's a legal requirement) But no plastic trays!

Dry Goods

Flour, Crackers, Dry Meats. All products are made with NZ ingredients and produced by local businesses.
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Herbs And Spices

It’s time to elevate your meals with some extra flavour. View our selection of freshly harvested herbs, fragrant chillies, and pungent garlic.

Jam, Chutneys, Honey

Organic artisan fruit spreads, jams & chutneys from Te Horo Harvest & amazing creamed honey from some busy bees in the Manawatu.
Cookie Time Butter

Nuts & Nutbutter

Grab a jar of Fix & Fogg! So many flavours & combos, along with the good ol Peanut Butter. Don’t forget to check out our selection of locally grown nuts. Fresher then nuts in the shops!


Get your morning cuppa of Peoples Fair Trade & Organic Coffee! Whole beans, plunger & espresso in home compostable packaging. Freshly roasted & ground locally in Welly!
HomegrownVoucher v2


If you haven’t found it in the other sections, it’s here! The odd products that don’t fit in.

Need a last minute gift? Grab a Homegrown Gift Voucher!


We are not 100% certified organic, but we source spray free/organic wherever we can. Here are a few products that are organic and delicious!