Homegrown Background

Always Fresh, Local, To You


We are proud to be supplying fresh seasonal, and wherever possible, locally sourced fruit and vegetables from ‘paddock to pantry’.

Most of our produce is picked the day before it arrives at your doorstep, so it is fresh and will last in your fridge for as long as possible.

We are lucky to skip most of the steps that normal shops have to go through, because we get your produce straight from the local farmer!




We work with many local growers and farmers on the Kapiti Coast and around the Horowhenua District who supply our fresh produce and free-range products.

We support many local lifestyle hobby farmers and are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers who can provide us with the high quality produce we strive for.

If you want, you can even meet Our Growers and get to know who they are and what they stand for!

To You

We deliver your Homegrown Box ourselves using our awesome chilled Homegrown trucks. This means your fresh vege will arrive chilled and carefully handled. You won’t receive a box that’s been chucked onto your doorstep. We will either hand it right to you or place it in the shade for when you get home. There is no extra fee for delivery. Delivery is included in the price of your box.

We offer one-off, weekly, fortnightly and monthly deliveries. Set up the delivery once and we will just keep delivering!


Homegrown Sustainable Practices

Our Packaging

When you receive your delivery you will notice all of your produce carefully packed in a beautiful wooden crate! Our Homegrown crates are made from recycled giant orange bins that would have otherwise been thrown out. The best part is that they are reusable! So leave your box out on your next delivery day so we can swap it over. Can you believe our boxes save us from wasting almost 50 thousand cardboard boxes each year! That's roughly 330 trees!

We also reuse our chilly bags and egg cartons as many times as possible, so be sure to put them back in your box for collection!

All of our fruit and veg is packed in home compostable packaging, either paper or cellophane! Cellophane may look like plastic but it is made from plants and can be thrown into the compost just like a paper bag. If you don’t have the ability to compost, you can just pop it in your box for collection and we will compost it for you!

Homegrown Box Vegetable Delivery

Do We Have Food Waste And Where Does It Go?

We try our best to minimize food waste by ordering the EXACT amount of produce needed for your box, not a cauliflower more! That’s why it is important to order before the cut-off time. ;) 

Sometimes we receive produce that isn’t quite up to spec. In that case, we offer it to our customers at a discounted price first. Everything else gets used in our Homegrown kitchen, fed to livestock, or used in the compost to put the nutrients back into the soil!

Reducing Our Food Miles

One way we can minimize our carbon footprint as a business is by supplying only local NZ produce. Yes.. that means no Bananas or out of season fruit and vege. Your food won’t travel halfway across the world to get to your plate! By selling local we are cutting down on fuel consumption and providing you with fresher produce!

Another way we minimize our carbon footprint is by being fuel efficient and delivering to one area each day.  Unfortunately this means you can’t choose which day you receive your box. The area you live in will determine your delivery day.