Meet Our Growers and Suppliers

Waikawa Fresh

Meet Lisa and Tony!

When you see watercress, rocket, chrysanthemum, or any other gorgeous herbs and leafy greens in your box, it was most likely grown by these two (and their legendary team).

They grow some of your beautiful leafy greens at their hydroponic farm in Manakau. The best part about their produce is that the roots are still attached! You can stick the roots in a glass of water to help your leafy greens last longer!




Kapiti Artisan Bread

A small but very hardworking team at the Bakehouse!

Sandee & David came to NZ looking for a new challenge in 2004 and started with a small oven in a space leased from Kapiti Olive Oil. Today Kapiti Artisan Bakehouse employs 5 bakers that make several thousand loaves each week - all by hand!

“We make our breads pretty much as they were made in Europe 200 years ago. No preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients. Our aim is to make a product that is authentic, healthy and delicious.”

Reusable Homegrown Crates

Meet Ron and his handy little helper!

Ron is the man we call when we need anything at all. He is constantly coming to our rescue on the farm and he is the mastermind behind our beautiful wooden Homegrown Crates. Each homegrown crate is handmade by Ron, although sometimes he has a tiny helper who lends a hand!




River Bank Poultry

Eggs! Oh boy do we get excited about our eggs. Ask any of our customers; they will tell you that our eggs are AMAZING, and that’s all thanks to our awesome egg farmers.

Riverbank poultry is a small scale farm in Otaki run by Shane and Natasha Kemp. Their farm is located at the foothills of the Tararua ranges. The farm is 100% owner operated and they have run free range egg production for the last 13 years! They are passionate about egg farming and they are hands on at the farm every day. Natasha and Shane are dedicated to smaller scale production methods and techniques that provide a healthy and natural lifestyle for their hens!

The Mushroom House

Meet Russelle and Rochelle! Together, they are unlocking the potential of mushrooms to save the world.

Everything used at the Mushroom House is sourced locally, supporting New Zealand farmers and producers. They are committed to having the smallest carbon footprint possible while remaining 100% hand-crafted in NZ. They cultivate their oyster mushrooms through low-impact, organically aware methods.

Watch their video to find out more!


Thoroughbread Foods is a family based business in Levin which was started by the lovely Rebecca Rolls (right).

Rebecca and her team aim to make gluten free bread and other gluten free products as much like wheat bread and wheat products as possible. Baking gluten free products is Rebecca’s passion and she is constantly looking for new ways to improve their quality and taste!

We look forward to picking up her beautiful bread each morning because of the smell of freshly baked bread wafting out the door!

Coral Tree Organics

Meet Kim Baker, the owner of local Otaki business, CoralTree Organic Products Limited. He has been growing organic pipfruit since the 80’s and has developed a great processing option for the surplus apples. Apple Cider Vinegar! Or as Kim calls it… “Bottled Sunshine.”

Organic and locally-grown whole fruit is selected and pressed to make this beautiful product. The apples are fermented and then matured in oak barrels like fine wine. That’s what makes the best apple cider vinegar on earth.

Fix & Fogg

The founders of F&F, Roman and Andrea Jewell, have set out to make the “world’s best nut butters!” They've created an innovative line of nut butters that are everything from sweet, savoury to spicy!

The company is passionate about practicing sustainability, and they are the first NZ food manufacturer to be awarded B Corp certification. They love to partner with companies like us that make the effort to recycle and reduce food waste.

All of their products are made with the best ingredients and are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly. No palm oil, preservatives, additives, stabilizers, or emulsifiers. Awesome ingredients only!

Don’t forget! If you have a jar to return, put them back in your box, because Fix & Fogg will re use it.




Tracey's Orchard

Meet Jenny Tracey! Her and her husband grow many varieties of Pears in their beautiful orchards in sunny Otaki.

You may have tasted their beautifully sweet and crisp Nashi Pears in your boxes. They grow some magnificent fruit for your boxes. We are so grateful to have their produce for our boxes!

Saville's Butchery

Our local butcher, Saville’s, is run by Shane and his small team of skilled butchers. Shane has over 28 years of experience as a butcher and has always provided us and our customers with outstanding service. 

Saville’s sources only local and free range meat for your Homegrown boxes. A few of the local farms that supply your meat include Heights Farm and Turks, both of which are located in the Horowhenua region.

Check out the huge selection from Saville’s on our Extras page. Try Saville’s flavourful pork sausages, lamb rissoles, smokey eye bacon, or one of the various meat packs and bbq packs!

We are so lucky to have access to such high quality meat all thanks to Shane!


Heights Farm

Ever wonder where your meat comes from?

Our free range lamb and beef is raised by Blair and Anna. They are 5th generation sheep and beef farmers, and their farm has been in the family for 6 generations! Together they raise Black Angus beef, known for its tasty, tender meat, and Perendale lambs.

Their 2200 acre farm is located in Levin underneath the Tararua Ranges. The livestock are free of antibiotics and spend their whole lives roaming and grazing the hilly pastures with plenty of access to fresh water. 

Heights Farm provides a true paddock to plate diet. Click here to find out more about your meat!

Peoples Coffee

Meet our favorite coffee roaster! Locally roasted in a modest 110sqm roastery located in Newtown.

Peoples coffee is certified fair trade & Organic! The coffee is grown by small lot farmers who utilise organic farming techniques ensuring the sustainability of their environment for generations to come.

Peoples advocates for sustainable systems to protect the fragility of our climate, and ensure sustainable growth for coffee farmers through the fair trade system. We love that they provide home compostable packaging for our customers! Have a peek at the Sustainability Report to the amazing steps they are taking to protect the earth.


Kapiti Olive Oil

Meet Diana and Grant Crosse, the owners of Kapiti Olive Oil. 

They grow 5 varieties of olive trees in their Olive Grove! The warm but mild weather gives them the sunshine they need to grow the perfect olives. Their finest olives are picked and blended to capture the robust and fruity flavours produced from the river silt loam soils of Te Horo, Kapiti Coast.

The olives are harvested in June and pressed without heat or chemicals. They make the most beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Kapiti Olives have won ‘Best in NZ’ and have a long history of producing award winning oil. 

Organic Flour Mills

100% NZ freshly milled organic wholegrain flour! The grain is locally grown and milled daily using a special zentrofan stone-mill, producing a flour that is very fine. This is extremely high quality flour that retains all nutrients and valuable vitamins including the germ buds, due to the milling technique.

White flour is heavily depleted of most vitamins and minerals contained in the bran and the germ, which is removed when whole grain wheat is turned into white flour. But this beautiful whole grain flour is filled with iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, B6, folate, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.

Not all flours are created equally!